Santa Eulàlia de Riuprimer 1971

She is a visual artist and teacher at the University of Vic in the Faculty of Education. –She is an active member of the H, Association for Contemporary Arts in Vic, participating in all its activities. Of particular interest is his work as curator, togetter with otter artists and art critics, selecting artists for the biennial called Thambos, from 2000 until 2008, –YOUNG QUAM, Direction and coordination from 1996 until 2008, –Education talks, Culture and Education. Curator of the selection of artists for the exhibition of The Work Days of Education, University of Vic 2006.

She is Master's Degree in Artistic Production and Research, at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Barcelona 2008, –Postgraduate course in Artistic Production and Research, specialising in art and Intermediate Contexts, Faculty of Fine Arts of Barcelona 2007, –Degree in Fine Arts, University of Barcelona 2006, –Teaching Diploma, Specialising in Infant Education, University of Vic 1997, –Degree in Applied Arts, Painting and Mural Procedures from School of Art and Design, Vic 1992.

She has participated in several forums and workshops:
Between cracks. Citizenship and artistic practices in open source QUAM/10. Josep Mª Martín and Torolab-Raul Cárdenas, School of Art and Design, Vic 2010, –The Story of Art, QUAM /09. Andrés Hispano and Félix Pérez Hita, School of Art and Design, Vic 2009, –Art education as art social work. Francisco René, Can Xalant de Mataró 2008, –Middle silk or the twentieth century not has been. Francesc Torres, El MACBA, Barcelona 2008, –Guantanamo Museum. Alícia Framis, Can Xalant, Mataró (Barcelona) 2008, –Criterion, discourse, discussion, QUAM /08. Ignasi Aballí and David G.Torres, School of Art and Design, Vic, –Structures, networks, collectives, QUAM /07. Fundación Rodríguez, School of Art and Design, Vic 2007, –Half Art Montesquiu. Pedro G.Romero, Montesquiu (Barcelona) 1990.

She has received several awards for painting, installations and art projects.
He has exhibited his work in individual and collective exhibitions and produced actions, installations and set designs in Catalonia and Madrid.

Her latest exhibitions are:
Escàner,.Issimm Gallery, Solsona 2011, –Mineral water lafon rierola. With Jordi Lafon. FESTUS, Youth Arts Street Festival, Torelló 2010, –Artistic Partners, Creative experiences for mental health. Traveling exhibition, Osona (Barcelona) 2009, –Make like..., ACVIC, Contemporary Arts Centre, Vic 2009, –Artistic Partners, Creative experiences for mental health, Room of Manlleu’s Bank, Vic 2008, –Bis a Bis, LOOP, The Art Festival 07. Ateneu Fort Pienc Civic Centre, Barcelona 2007, –Mineral water lafon rierola. With Jordi Lafon. MAÇART, Festival of Contemporary Culture d'Empordà, Maçanet de Cabrenys (Girona) –Art: a present view. Videos exhibition, room of Manlleu’s Bank, Vic 2007, –Travel books: Venice. The Casino Room, Vic 2007, –Education talks, Culture and Education, Tecnicals Achitect College Room, Vic 2007, –INDEX. 10th anniversary of the University of Vic, Museum of Leather Art, Vic 2007, –Four x Four. Selón Gallery, Madrid 2005, –New Generation IV. Anquin’s Gallery, Reus 2005, –First Exhibition of Fine Visual Arts. University of Vic 2005, –The sowing of time. Installation with Jordi Lafon at La Interior Bodega Art Room, Barcelona 2005, –Glasses of water at Salt. Installation-action with Jordi Lafon, La Devesa de Salt (Girona) 2005, –Chasubles, L’Albergueria Art Hall, Vic 2005.