Barcelona 1967

He is a visual artist and professor of Artistic Creation and Participation at the University of Vic. Also, he is an active member of the H. Association for Contemporary Arts in Vic, participating in all its activities. Of particular interest is his work as curator, togetter with otter artists and art critics, selecting artists for the biennial exhibition called Thambos, from 1995 onwards.

His work depends on contexts that are variable and a wide idea of landscape, which for him is simply the backdrop to whatever happens. Often, he organizes his pieces in the form of index or collection where emerges qualities like order, disorder, cadence, chance and chaos. His works and projects undertaken establish a relationship between people and their surroundings, between the present and memory, between stillness and gesture, between a way of looking and a way of living. His main objective is to make a revealing work of ephemeral and everyday issues.

His latest exhibitions are:
Owl drift, ACVic Nurse-pond in collaboration with University of Vic, Vic 2012 –Degree show, A way to go, Elizalde House, Barcelona 2011. –The black’s light, Issimm Gallery, Solsona 2011, (LLeida), –Art and Archaeology, 25th anniversary archeology magazine Cota Zero, La llotja del Blat, Vic 2011, –Criss-Crossing, Project to ACVIC, Contemporary Arts Centre, Vic 2010, –mineral water lafon rierola, FESTUS, Youth Arts Festival Street, Torelló 2010, –Venue and event, Auditorium Exhibition Hall, Montcada i Reixac 2009, –Criss-Crossing, Project to BCA Gallery’s Artist Residencies Opportunity, Bedford, England 2009, –Nose Project, Tepekale, Plastic and Visual Art Centre, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat 2008, Guantanamo Museum, pieces made at the workshop led by Alicia Framis in Can Xalant Art Centre, Santa Mònica Exhibition Centre, Barcelona 2008, –Orographies from nowhere, El Marçó Vell Art Centre, Centelles 2008, –Possible glimpses, Memorial Gallery, Medical Centre Teknon, Barcelona 2008, –Nose Project, El Casino, Vic 2007, –mineral water lafon rierola, MAÇART, Festival of Contemporary Culture d'Empordà, Maçanet de Cabrenys (Girona) 2007, –“L’ébloui Espagnol”, 89 Gallery and Milteux Gallery, Paris 2007, –INDEX, Tenth anniversary of Vic Univerity, Museum of Art in Leather, Vic 2007, –clouds, crests, forests, sands, Old Sanatorium Centre, Sagunt (Valencia) 2007, –Artistic Partners, Creative experiences for mental health, travelling exhibition, Osona 2007, –Traces, H. Association for Contemporary Arts, Vic 2006, –Nose Project, Ca L'Arenas Art Centre, Mataró 2006, –Paint, Foyer of Cirvianum Theatre, Torelló 2006, –Four x Four, Selón Gallery, Madrid 2005, –Sea Art. First Biennial Exhibition of the Mediterranean, Maritime Museum, Barcelona 2005, –The sowing of time, Interior Bodega Art Room, Barcelona 2005, and –Glasses of water, The Meadow of Salt (Girona) 2005.